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Personal History

Dr. Gladish grew up in Cincinnati, OH. She went on to receive a Bachelor's Degree from Miami (OH) University. During her time at Miami, she was able to obtain an internship at Ford Motor Company. Upon graduation, she was immediately asked to stay at Ford, and thus she began her career... or so she thought. After struggling with migraines, she sought out the help of a chiropractor. The encounter not only helps rid her of migraines but left her so inspired she decided to change career paths and enter Logan Chiropractic school that following fall. In the spring of 2002, Dr. Gladish graduated with her doctorate and opened her practice here at Clyde Park Chiropractic a few months later.

Healthcare and Energy

I started my practice in the summer of 2003.
Since that time, I have been working to build a successful practice while reaching out
to our community through wellness lectures, scoliosis screenings, stress and blood pressure screenings.

Currently my practice focuses on Corrective Spinal Care, Functional Medicine, Soul Energy and Wellness.
Helping patients reach their optimal health is an exciting journey I want for my patients.
Lives are literally being saved, as you are able to hone in on their specific body needs
nutritional counseling along with lifestyle changes. Functional Medicine and Soul Energy
is the future of our health care vs. the sick care system we have now.
Wellness Physician over 15 years,
Corporate Speaker Radio & Podcast Host Intuitive Health and Nutrition Coach

Focusing on Soul Energy I provide these services:
Core Energy Vibe training

Soul Energy Vibe training

PTSD Energy Resolve

Digital Medicine

Energetic X-rays

Energy Surgery

Virtual Oxygen Therapy

Core Energy Vibe training

Soul Energy Vibe training

Energetic Signature coach
(personal, business, family)

Phytoplanktonic Energy

Nutritional Coach

Fitness Coach

Energy Mastery
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