Independent Spiritualist Association
of the United States of America


The ISA Doer's Club

The Doer's Club members are helpers, they are Do'ers.
They roll up their sleeves to do whatever needs to be done
to help hosting churches at all ISA Events

All ISA members are welcome to join the Doer's Club.
Ask any Doer's Club member and pay $5 for annual dues.

Open Meetings
At Every ISA Quarterly & Annual Convention.
Please come to our meeting.  
Time and place will be announced during each convention.

Club Leadership

President: Rev. Nellie Vardaman
Secretary:  Rev. Suzanne Chase
Treasurer:  John Haman

Other members include:  
Cathy Dorr, Pat Langdon, Gloria and Frank Ward, Lynn Haman,
Sandra Brock, Sheila Dean, & Bill Lumdsen


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