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Our organization exists to support our churches that support individuals like you on their unique path to understanding and connection with the Divine.  It is a common journey all awakening humans will do.  Spiritualism is not dogmatic or rigid in its beliefs.  All sacred texts were written about humans who had communicated directly with the Divine, with Angels or other Spirit Beings.  Spiritualism demonstrates that this communication has never ceased.  We promote the empowerment of the individual and encourage personal growth along with the awakening of the Gifts of Spirit.  

Our web site endeavors to provide a fertile environment to facilitate your personal journey.  We know that your personal path may not bring you into one of our churches and this is OK as our primary interest is that you are awakening to your Spiritual Self.  We do not sell the 10% tithe concept to our members that is so popular in mainstream churches. It is a successful model which floods those churches with more money than they can spend which in turn makes them find new ways to spend it.  Spiritualists do believe in the Natural Law of exchange of energy.  Balance in the Universe is maintained by appropriate exchange of energy.  It is not only your money but your time, your efforts and your prayers.  

What you give freely does
return to you multiplied by the energy in which it was given.  It is therefore recommended that when you give, give freely with joy and a feeling of abundance for you are an important part of God's limitless and abundant Creation.  Water, Air, Love, Blood and Money must flow or will stagnate.  

Your donation of any size will help our educational department provide more free information, documents and affordable workshops.  As Master Yeshu (Jesus) always did we also give a prayer of thanksgiving in advance knowing it is done.





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