Independent Spiritualist Association
of the United States of America


"Come For The Experience."
Famous or Pioneering Spiritualists

Elizabeth Barrett Browning 
Victorian Poet

Rev. Florence Becker

Edgar Cayce 
America's Sleeping Prophet

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Author of Sherlock Holmes

Andrew Jackson Davis 
The Father of Modern Spiritualism

Spiritualist Declaration of Independence
by Andrew Jackson Davis 1851

George Dexter, M.D. 
Pioneering Physical Medium

Judge John W. Edmonds 
Supreme Court Judge, Congressman & Senator

Hamlin Garland 
Author, Pulitzer Prize winner

Emma Hardinge Britten 
Author, Speaker, Early Advocate of Spiritualism

Professor Robert Hare 
One of the first psychical researchers

Victor Hugo 
Author, Poet, Statesman

Professor James Hervey Hyslop, Ph.D., LL.D 
Abnormal psychology and psychical research

Dr. Alexander Imich 
Chemist and Parapsychologist

Professor William James,  M.D. 
Harvard ProfessorPhilosopher & Psychologist 

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D.
Pioneer studies on Death and Dying

 President Abraham Lincoln 

Newbrough, John Ballou
Seer and Adept, The 

Lenora Piper
"The White Crow"

Morris Pratt 
Morris Pratt Institute 

Queen Victoria 

Jesse F. Shepard
Trance and Music Medium

William Thomas Stead 
Died on the Titanic

Emanuel Swedenborg 
The Swedenborg Society

Booth Tarkington 
Pulitzer Prize winning author 

Dr. Alfred Russell Wallace
Co-originator with Charles Darwin Theory of Natural Selection 

Sophia Williams
Direct Voice Medium

Edda Wriedt 
Direct Voice Medium

Mukunda Lal Ghosh Yogananda 
Autobiography of a Yogi,
Self-Realization Fellowship

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