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Revd Ray Robinson said:   March 21, 2019 6:38 am PST
Hello I am along with my wife Jackie Joint Presidents of two Churches in Greater London. Wimbledon and Hackbridge Spiritualist Churches. I wand ted to send fraternal greetings to ISA.

Paul Malachowski Spiritualist Medium said:   June 19, 2018 7:38 am PST
Very informative and Inspiring, well layout site. Blessings To you all. Paul

Rev. Candace Nadine Breen said:   July 8, 2017 7:54 am PST
I am an Independent Spiritualist Minister from RI. I was ordained in January 2017. I am attempting to create an online Spiritualist Church that holds once a month in person services. It is very difficult to get resources. It is very difficult to get help. Where do I start? Look at my website and feedback is encouraged. Blessed be.

Michel Panas said:   August 27, 2016 12:10 am PST
When did the Reverend Anna Franz pass away? She was the God Mother of my daughter Gretchen Panas. I was a student of her for many years.

Mr C.J.D. Hart said:   August 21, 2016 3:42 pm PST
I know a friend who, apparently, went to the Spiritualist Church (or something similar) for 30 years. He currently provides the following descriptions when asked about his stomach 'pain': 'Multiple strands of future outcomes' or 'uncertainties'. How would you interpret this (since I think the so-called 'spirit world' was, or is, part of his life)?

Rev. Thomas said:   August 9, 2016 1:15 pm PST
Teresa: Thank you for your interest with our services. Our services are open to everyone with no prerequisites. Our church locations are listed in the web site menu. Select the church nearest you and view their page for times and dates of activities. Note our next big event is our national meeting in Jackson, September 10th and 11th. (details on the web site). Love and blessings, Rev. Thomas

Teresa Marie said:   August 9, 2016 9:03 am PST
When is your next open service please.

Westley Smith said:   June 20, 2016 8:42 am PST
I am the minister of a small Spiritualist church, The Sanctuary of Light Spiritualist Church in Williamsburg, IN and I just wanted to say Hi and that I love your page. Thank you for all of the great resources and information you have available.

Deborah J Smith said:   April 18, 2016 1:56 pm PST
Can you tell me if my father and mother are at peace? Our life wasnt the greatest, I know others have had it worse. I would like some closure. How do I get a reading from you. My sister has recommended you. She has gained some peace thru your help. Will you be visiting Canton at anytime soon? I live in Canton, Ohio.

Rev. Thomas said:   December 30, 2015 2:31 pm PST
Rod: Sorry for the delayed reply. Do Spiritualists believe in reincarnation? There is nothing in Spiritualism (ISA for sure) that either requires nor prohibits a belief in reincarnation, however most Spiritualist likely embrace some form of it. Our foundation beliefs of personal responsibility and soul progression lean heavily in this direction. And, yes I understand your reluctance to return again. It can be more concerning than any of Dante's levels of Hell. Whether we have one or a thousand Earthly experiences we must do the best we can in this life to become more of what Unconditional Love is and less of what it is not. Love and Blessings.

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