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"Come For A Spiritual Experience."
"Religion is believing in someone else's experience.
Spirituality is having your own experience."

Deepak Chopra

three legs of the same stool and
foundation for advancing Spiritual growth

The following links and statements are not presented in any particular order.
They may assist your search for taking control of your own health;
Body, Mind and Emotion

Nothing here is presented as a substitute for standard health care,
but hopefully it can be preventive and complimentary. 
We can't change our genetics but we can affect much
that has to do with our healthy self by eliminating self destructive habits
and developing new health promoting ones. 
Hopefully, this EMPOWERS YOU.

Dr. Andrew Weil; Your Trusted Health Advisor:

Alternative Medicine-Gratitude-Happiness-Time Travel

Diet and Weight Loss: (subjects will change over time) 

Natural News:  (subjects will change over time) 

Homeopathic Remedies:  (How made and list of remedies)
"The greater the dilution the stronger the remedy; this is due to the vibration affect with the
greater dilution affecting the higher vibrational subtle bodies."  Rev. Thomas

 NIH, National Institute of Health:  (Government Agency) 

Christian Health Care-Lifestyle-Retreat Center:  (Marcellus, MI)

Hookworm Cure for Allergies:  (Sounds terrible but works)

B12 - Necessary for Heart and Brain: 

Dr. Mercola Health News:  

Cancer Loves Sugar: 

Free Diabetic Recipe Book: 

Save Your Sight; 5 Strategies:  

Omega 3 Oils; Healthy Heart & Eyes:  

Preventing Macular Degeneration with Greens:  

A Dozen of Your Favorite Foods That Keep You Healthy:  

Microwaved Water Kills Plants?:  

DHMO Facts:  (Be informed) 

What We Our Feed Animals:  (It makes a difference) 
A simple step: Compare nutritional charts of cheap eggs and Egglands Best (as example - open the carten to see the chart) 

Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Processed Foods: by Marie Rodale 

Nixon Starts HMO's:  Magnetic Tape Recording 


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