Independent Spiritualist Association
of the United States of America

by: Rev. Carolyn Potter, Pastor 

Symphony of The Trees

The song we seldom, if ever hear
Can only be heard with opened ear.

Each tree has it's own unique note
The leaves play with the wind to float.

With gentle mingling of leaf and breeze
Splendors of spirit are mirrored in trees.

Rustling voices of large and small,
Should if but once be heard by all.

For within their timeless verse
Gives a true blessing, not a curse.

From the tiny pine plays strength of maple,
One need only be opened in order to be able.

Their story of life long gone
Will fill a soul with song.

Take time to listen closely, dear friends,
For during their music, your Spirit blends.

By: Rev. Carolyn Potter, and spirit teacher, Mark

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by: Jim Burnett 

I would like for my Spirit to be free,
So when I close my eyes
I will begin to see
The Spirits that never die.

With my mind not cloudy, but clear
I will open my ears, so I can hear
From those who have passed over,
That I hold so dear...

I will take what they tell me
To be so true,
And pass it on to all of you...

For what they teach me
I will learn and grow,

So when I Passover I will know
That I too can say hello, and
Help those that are here to grow...

But for now while I am still here
I will keep my mind open, and very clear
And without dismay
Listen to what they have to say...and

With an open heart I hear my Spirits say,
We will always be together, never far away
I know this to be true, as Spirit guided my
Pen for me to write this for you.....

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