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 "Come For A Spiritual Experience."


Rev. Mahala Bacon

[First letter to the ISA membership from newly elected President, Rev. Mahala Bacon]

 Hi to everyone, As we look forward to the Fall and the changes it brings,
 we are reminded of  new hopes and innovative ideas. 

 The quarterly meeting in September on the 8th and 9th will be hosted jointly by

 The First Spiritualist Church of Prayer, South Bend, and the
 The Spiritualist First Church of Truth at the Grand Rapids location
 127 Meerse SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49057

 All are welcome

 I want to thank all of you who took the time to fill out the June survey. 
 I believe I have spoken to all who have contributed.
 I want to share some of the more popular ideas with you:

1. There was positive feedback on Rev. Phillip Falcone’s suggestion
 to change dates for our meetings and conventions,
 along with adding another date to establish a quarterly.
 His suggestions are shifting dates. He will have his ideas on a pass out 
for you in September and we are looking for your input to formulate a plan.

[We will also post to the web site well before September for your review]

2. Many of you expressed an interest in having more than one activity
 going on at the same time. Thomas and I chatted about this
 and we do feel this is an excellent point.
 We will start having activities throughout the time
 the ISA is together starting in September.

3. There has been a number of requests wanting outside speakers.  
Since Thomas is head of education, he will be responsible for the speakers.
 If you know of someone you would like to have speak,
 contact Thomas and let him know.  
We are always looking for ideas and help.
 If you missed my survey [at Convention] you can find it below. 

 Your thoughts and viewpoints are always welcome.  

 This is the structure of the ISA.
 In 1924, Amanda Flower felt the need of an organization
 that would promote Spiritualism and let churches group together
 for protection and strength yet still give the individual churches
the freedom to worship in their way.
 With this thought in mind she became the founder of the “ISA”

 Togetherness with Independence

 The ISA gatherings offer a place where students can develop
 experience in their mediumship, healing and speaking.
 It offers a student the opportunity to work with fresh faces
 and as a useful tool to aid in their growth.  
 I feel platform work and etiquette is important
 and can only be learned through experience.  
 Healing, speaking and mediumship also need experiential time. 
 I invite you to let us know if students are ready to expand their public work.  

 Your board members are:

 Rev. Mahala Bacon-President,  
 Rev. Sandy Nelson-Vice President,
 Cathy Dorr, A.M.-Secretary,
 Rev. Donna Fischer-Treasurer,
 Rev. Thomas Janssen-Education,
 Pat Holms, A.M.- Booklet
 Sheila Dean-Clerk.
 Each of us on the board have an open-door policy. 
 Our phone numbers are available to you along with emails (above)
and addresses in the ISA booklet. Please feel free to contact us.       

 To be successful as an organization,
we need a singleness of purpose
 to pull together as a community. 
 We do that through co-operation.
 As we apply the spiritual principles,
our growth will lead us to cohesion 
 and this will be our principle step in attraction.    

 My hope is to visit each church throughout the year. 
 I am available to travel Tuesdays through Saturdays. 
 Please contact me with your available dates.    

May God and the Angels Bless and Keep you,

 Rev. Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D.

 Rev. Mahala's July 5, 2018 letter 
Letter to the ISA members


 Rev. Mahala's Survey

Changes you would like to see in the ISA

Survey June-July 2018

In 1924 Amanda Flower felt the need of an organization that would promote Spiritualism

and let churches group together for protection and strength;

yet still give the individual churches the freedom to worship in their way.

With this thought in mind, she became the founder of the “

Independent Spiritualist Association

of the United States of America”.

The organization has grown in membership in several states and world-wide recognition. 

It still maintains the purpose for which it was founded…  

Togetherness with Independence

1. What Kind of changes would you like to see in Quarterlies / Conventions?

2. What would you like to include in Education?

3. If you could see changes in our policies, what would you want?

4. How would you suggest we could grow the ISA that would attract more interest?

Please sign your name and how we can reach you. 

It is my belief that we, as your board, need more of an open conversation. 

Creating short and long-term goals is essential.

With a plan to make needed changes and updating,

some of our procedures should bring more appeal.

Exploring innovative ideas is crucial to sustaining our organization.  

Key words that may be helpful as we share and explore ideas 

in creating a broader and more comprehensive association; 

along with moving forward to further our growth are:


When spirituality is joined with science,

we demonstrate how to bring Spiritual Laws into established practices.  

This is the element we can use to promote mutual aid

in advancing traditional spiritual teachings.  

By doing this, we encourage more of an inclusive

rather than exclusive atmosphere.

Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D 



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