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Principle 3 Expanded

"Come For A Spiritual Experience."


Expanded with comments by ISA Ministers
NOTE:  ISA Minister comments are their own and may not be universally accepted by the ISA.  These comments are meant to stimulate your own inner processes to know what it TRUE FOR YOU.  We each are responsible for our own beliefs and actions.


3)    We affirm that a correct understanding of such expression, and living in accordance therewith constitute true Religion.

3)    True religion is living in obedience to Nature's Laws.

Rev. Phillip Falcone:  "The rub is ‘true Religion.’  So many religious organizations lay claim to being the religion.  The trap is the failure to consider yourself as being your own faith.  The path is narrow because it is your path.  Thus, you are the true religion, and its expression is living in harmony with the Laws of Nature.  To discover the Laws of Nature is to study the flow of creation.

If Infinite Intelligence is the Divine Universe, then its expression is change.  The natural state of the universe, and subsequently nature is flux.  Infinite Intelligence or God is change.  The natural order of creation is evolution.  If you are part of the Divine order, you are expanding your conscious.  Not to do so is a violation of the Laws of Nature.  To express true religion is to become faith.  Remember, the Gnostic Gospel of Philip tells us that Faith receives.  In order to receive, you must be in the flow of life, and to be in the flow of life you are ever changing from moment to moment.  You are in the process of becoming."

Rev. Thomas Janssen:  "We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.  God/Infinite Intelligence is expressed through the Laws of Creation, both Physical and Spiritual.  Religious practice should guide you to a personal experience with God or aspects of God.  These Natural Laws of Creation can be experienced and therefore proven, both Physical and Spiritual.  Our modern science is ever understanding and proving the Physical Laws that guide the ever changing physical universe.  Spiritual Laws likewise can be understood and will prove themselves to you. 

Religions tend to make a black and white list of Do's and Don'ts, but there are always exceptions to every rule.  For example, 'Do not lie.'  Sounds good, but what if the lie you tell is to a robber in your house who is threatening to harm you or your family?  'Thou shalt not steal.'  Never?  What about those people stranded during hurricane Katrina?  Understanding the Spiritual Laws underlying these rules provide the Spirit of the Law, of which Yeshu (Jesus) spoke."

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