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Principle 6 Expanded

"Come For A Spiritual Experience."


Expanded with comments by ISA Ministers
NOTE:  ISA Minister comments are their own and may not be universally accepted by the ISA.  These comments are meant to stimulate your own inner processes to know what it TRUE FOR YOU.  We each are responsible for our own beliefs and actions.


6)    We believe that the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule, "Whatsoever you would, that others should do unto you, do you likewise unto them."

 6)    Be kind, do good, and others will do likewise.


Rev. Phillip Falcone:  "The Golden Rule is listed as a belief because it is a theory of behavior.  The true rule of life lies in the next principle.  The Golden Rule focuses on service.  The Gospel of Philip tells of Christ explaining that Love gives, and Faith receives (The Other Bible).  The commandment that Jesus gave us is to love your neighbor as you would love yourself.  You can think of this as treat others according to your position on life.  You are not like others because your life is not his or her life.  Thus, you treat others as befits your expectation because you should know thyself. 

Another way is to treat others as they expect to be treated.  Since you do not know their expectations, consider their station in life.  I know this sounds a bit archaic, but hear me out.  A professional is treated differently from a cashier, who is treated differently than a construction worker, who is treated differently a drunkard, and so on.  One person prefers to be called ‘sir/mam’ while another not so much, and others take offense to it.  While the Golden Rule sounds simple enough, it can be a complicated matter.  Hence, the reason for it being a belief, but if you would like to circumvent this confusion then I would suggest you simply ask how you can best serve their needs."

Rev. Thomas Janssen:  "We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.  God is all that exists.  Creation is a manifestation of God/Creative Force.  Separation and individualization are the illusion, at the highest level we are One.  What we do to others we do to ourselves.  Your left hand exists separate from your right hand yet they are both part of the whole body.  We Are The Creator, Experiencing The Creation, As The Created.  The Universe (God's Design of Creation) will multiply and return to us whatever we do/think/say in the same energy in which it was done.  'Cast your bread upon the waters'  Ecclesiastes 11:1"

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