Independent Spiritualist Association
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Principle 7 Expanded

"Come For A Spiritual Experience."


Expanded with comments by ISA Ministers
NOTE:  ISA Minister comments are their own and may not be universally accepted by the ISA.  These comments are meant to stimulate your own inner processes to know what it TRUE FOR YOU.  We each are responsible for our own beliefs and actions.


7)    We affirm the moral responsibility of the individual, and that he makes his own happiness or unhappiness, as he obeys or disobeys nature's physical and spiritual laws.

7)    We bring unhappiness to ourselves by the errors we make and we will be happy if we obey the laws of life.


Rev. Phillip Falcone:  "When it comes to moral responsibilities, I appeal to your personal morals and ethics.  You are accountable to no one, except yourself.  You have the power to live joyfully, purposefully, miserably, or in want.  When life becomes difficult, look what you are holding onto.  What are you trying to preserve?  Suffering is a sign that you are out of the flow of creation.  The nature of the universe is flux.  When you choose not to change with nature, or choose not to evolve, you may experience distress.  That is a message from the Divine to rejoin the harmony of life.  Choice is your responsibility.  You choose whether to grow within the flow of creation, or to move into an eddy and watch creation flow by you. "

Rev. Thomas Janssen:  "We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.  We are created in the likeness and image of God.  We have Free Will to do whatever we choose.  We are responsible.  There is no punishment as in retribution, however rest assured that there are consequences.  We will each reap what we sow according to the Natural Laws.  We learn to live with the law of gravity by experiencing the consequences of it.  So too we will learn, if we choose, by experiencing the consequences of our choices.  Once you connect the dots, so to speak, you will have an aha moment.  You will begin to understand and then avoid that which you don't want in your life experience and choose more of what you do want. 

God has given you dominion over (the power to change) but one small part of Creation, yourself.  All energy placed outside our self is wasted in any attempt to make us happy.  The part to change is always within and not without.  Happiness is not about anything or anyone or any place.  Those things can be a mirror to help us find that within to be changed but the external things are never the true cause of our happiness or unhappiness.  Often the person who irritates us the most is actually our best teacher.  This becomes true when we use them as a mirror and stop any efforts to change them or to avoid them.  You may get away from them, but another will take their place."

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