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We are Leading the way in uniting the world

Purpose of the ISA


                                                           Togetherness with Independence  

In 1924, Amanda Flower felt the need of an organization that would promote Spiritualism and let churches group together for protection and strength; yet still give the individual churches the freedom to worship in their way. 

With this thought in mind, she became the founder of the “Independent Spiritualist Association of the United States of America.

The organization has grown in membership in several states and world-wide recognition. It still maintains the purpose for which it was founded… Togetherness with Independence  



Preamble of the ISA

We, the chosen representatives of the Independent Spiritualist Association of the United States of America, assemble in order to form a more perfect and efficient co-operation, insure harmonious action and financial success, provide for the advancement of educational scientific and religious researches, purposes and enterprises germane to the study of the phenomena and promulgation of the philosophy and religion of Spiritualism, and to secure the blessings of equal liberty and our posterity as a people, hereby establish this Constitution for the guidance and control of the Independent Spiritualist Association of the United States of America.    Year of our lord 1924


About the ISA

Our Declaration of Princibles

  1. We believe in Infinite Intelligence.
  2. We believe that the phenomena of Nature, both physical and spiritual, are the expression of Infinite Intelligence.
  3. We affirm that the correct understanding of such expression and living in accordance therewith, constitute true religion.
  4. We affirm that the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change called death.
  5. We affirm that communication with the so-called dead is a fact scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.
  6. We believe that the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule, “Whatsoever you would that others should do unto you, do you likewise unto them.”
  7. We affirm the moral responsibility of the individual, and that he makes his own happiness or unhappiness as he obeys or disobeys Nature’s physical and spiritual laws.
  8. We affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any soul, here or hereafter.
  9. We affirm that the precepts of Prophecy contained in the Bible are scientifically proven by Mediumship.

                                                              Principles 1-6 adopted in Chicago, Illinois, 1899
                                                              Principles 7-8 adopted in Rochester, New York, 1909
                                                              Principle 9 adopted in St. Louis, Missouri, 1944


About the ISA

Definitions to Know

Spiritualism is the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of continuous life, based upon the demonstrated fact of communication, between this and the spirit world by means of mediumship, 

A Medium is one whose organism is sensitive to the vibrations from the spirit world and through whose instrumentality intelligences in that world are able to convey messages and produce the phenomena of Spiritualism. 

A Spiritualist is one who believes, as a part of his or her religion, in the communication between this and the Spirit World by means of mediumship, and who endeavors to mold his or her character and conduct in accordance with the highest teachings derived from such communication


                                                                 More to think about

Spiritualism Is a Science because it investigates, analyzes and classifies facts and manifestations demonstrated from the spirit side of life.                                                   

Spiritualism Is a Philosophy because it studies the Laws of Nature both on the seen and unseen sides of life and bases its conclusions upon present observed facts. It accepts statements of observed facts of past ages and conclusions drawn therefrom, when sustained by reason and by results of observed facts of the present day.

Spiritualism Is a Religion because it strives to understand and to comply with the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Laws of Nature, which are the laws of God.

                                                                 What this means to us  

                                      Spiritualism is a Science, Philosophy, and a Religion 

Spiritualism has opened doors for more diverse approaches to Spirituality. The foundation of Spiritualism enhances Spirituality. 

Science has validated legitimate approaches from healing to communication with the Spirit. We would be foolish not to explore and utilize their findings and information.  Science is a community governed by the laws of Nature. 

Spiritualism has brought thought-increasing concepts to the world of Spiritual studies and phenomena. We know that applying the Spiritual concepts enhances life. The power of self-knowledge lies with education as we expand our awareness.  In uniting the thread that connects our head to our hearts, we find wholeness and realize we are complete. 

Through empowering others, we become a source of growth offering direction. As we continue to align ourselves with God, we learn that the universe speaks to our spirit. This brings comfort by establishing connections of love, compassion and wisdom throughout all of Nature’s existence.

Spiritualism enhances healing and increases value in communication with the Spirit by applying the Spiritual laws of established practices. This, therefore, illuminates understanding. 

Spiritualism works as a leading foundational component for conventional practices. 

Spiritualism is a beacon of light, the cornerstone with which we build our lives. 

                                                            We are the reflection of Spiritualism.