ISA Quarterly gathering in Highland Michigan September 14th and 15th



Spirituality Illuminates Understanding and Enhances Lives. Leading the Way

We use Spiritual and Holistic approaches to gain Understanding and Compassion. 

We are Leading the Way in Uniting the World

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There are many things to see on our site. Please take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line. When you see a button there is another adventure.  On our pages you will find a variety of subjects great videos, pictures and so much more.  Please remember to scroll through each page  to the end.                                      

 We are Leading the Way in Uniting the World.

ISA Events

ISA Quarterly September 14th and 15th

Golden Light Spiritualist Church

2110 N. Milford Road  

Highland Michigan

Hosted By The Doer's Club

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ISA Winter Quarterly

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ISA 2020 Convention

We have a bid for May/June 2020 Convention from Church of Prayer at the

Howard Johnson By Wyndham Benton Harbor, Michigan 

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about the Independent Spiritualist Association of the USA


Our Board

  • President                Rev. Mahala D. Bacon, Th.D
  • Vice President       Rev. Sandra Nelson
  • Secretary                Catherine Dorr, A.M.
  • Treasurer                Donna J. Fischer, Healer               
  • Clerk                         Sheila Dean, Healer
  • Education                Rev. Thomas Janssen
  • Booklet                    Patricia Holm, A.M.

Meet our board

About The Independent Spiritualist Association

The ISA is a national 501c3 organization that provides charters for churches under their umbrella.  Our education programs and testing certifications are recognized by the federal and state requirements.  

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Location of Our Churches


CALIFORNIA   SAN DIEGO - Light Bearers Mission 

ILINOIS   CICERO -  Evangelical Spiritual Church 

INDIANA   SOUTH BEND -  First Church of Prayer 


 CLARKSTON - Good Samaritan

GRAND RAPIDS - Church of Truth 

HIGHLAND - Golden Light 

JACKSON - Divine Wings 

NEW TROY - Circle of Light 

Memory Lane

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ISA Education

Rev. Thomas Janssen

Educational Director

ISA Education opportunities

A few things about Spiritualism

What does Spiritualism DO


Spiritualism has opened doors for more diverse approaches to Spirituality. The foundation of Spiritualism enhances Spirituality. 

Leading the way in uniting the world

Science Validates Spiritualisms work


  Science has validated legitimate approaches from healing to communication with the Spirit. We would be foolish not to explore and utilize their findings and information.  Science is a community governed by the laws of Nature. 

Works of Spiritualism

Spiritualism Brings Thought Increasing Concepts

  Spiritualism offers to the world  Spiritual studies in phenomena. We know that applying the Spiritual concepts enhances life. The power of self-knowledge lies with education as we expand our awareness. 

The Power of knowledge

A few things about spiritualism

Spiritualism Empowers others

We become a source of growth offering direction.  We learn that the universe speaks to our spirit. This brings comfort by establishing connections of love, compassion and wisdom throughout all of Nature’s existence.

Spiritual Empowerment

Spiritualism Increases Healing

Spiritualism increases value in communication with the Spirit by applying the Spiritual laws of established practices. This, therefore, illuminates understanding. 

Spiritual Healing

Leading the Way in Uniting the World

  Spiritualism works as a leading foundational component for conventional practices.  It is the beacon of light with which we build our lives. We are the reflection of Spiritualism.


Leading the way in Uniting the world

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